Department of roads and transportation engineering

Department Overview

It is one of the newly opened engineering departments in the College of Engineering at the beginning of the academic year (2013/2014) due to the need to prepare specialized staff in the field of roads and transportation engineering taking into consideration that civil engineering departments in their general nature do not cover the curriculums for all civil engineering specializations like (roads and transportation, geotechnical, construction materials, environmental, water resources engineering). From this standpoint, the need for a civil engineering specialization at the undergraduate level has emerged, leading to the opening of Roads and Transport Engineering Department. The department offers the required study program of the roads and transportation engineering for the undergraduate level which makes it the first department of its kind in the south and middle of Iraq and the third in the country after already existing departments in AL-Mustansiriyah University and University of Technology.

The program courses in the first and second academic years are somehow similar to the courses taught in civil engineering departments. However, the courses taught in the third and fourth academic years are more specific and they include structural and geometrical design of roads and bridges, airport design, road maintenance, traffic safety, road planning, railway design, tunnel engineering, port engineering, etc.

Assist. Prof. Dr. Basim H. Al-Humeidawi

Head of the Roads and Transport Engineering Department

Department Vision

The department aspires to be a nationally and globally recognized leader in education, where engineers graduate with a high level of scientific, mental and engineering excellence through focusing on the interaction between the department curriculum and the local and regional rising needs of the societies.