Department of mechanical engineering

Brief about the department

It is one of the departments that inaugurated in the college with its first establishment in 2005. Its mission is to prepare engineers capable of implementing the mechanical aspects for service and development engineering projects, and participating in the preparation of researchers capable of creating an advanced research environment in order to serve the society and raise the scientific level of the mechanical engineer.

The department awards a bachelor's degree in mechanical engineering in a program that includes 162 teaching and training units that the student will take over four years. The academic year begins on the 1st of September and ends on the 1st of July. During this period, the student receives all subjects of general specialization for this department, which put graduates on the right way and provide them with the knowledge to lead and guide the engineering projects for the infrastructure, especially related to the mechanical aspect of supervision and implementation. The department council draws up the scientific policy of the department while the head of the department carries out the implementation of these policies through several committees which are formed for this purpose (such as examination committee, scientific committee, student guidance committee, plagiarism committee, curriculum development committee, etc.).

Dr Nabeel Shallal Thamer Almuramady

Head of the Mechanical Engineering Department

Vision, mission and objectives of the Mechanical Engineering Department

Department vision:

The Department of Mechanical Engineering perseveres to prepare engineers specialized in the field of mechanical engineering applications with a combined experience between the scientific side and the practical side, possess the ability to diagnose engineering problems and find solutions and alternatives to achieve the goal of the work.

Department mission:

1. The Mechanical Engineering Department perseveres to graduate engineers with different mechanical engineering competence and have the ability to innovate and create in the various fields of engineering work after their graduation and to keep up with the scientific and technological developments in the civilized world.

2. To prepare the technical and engineering cadres in the field of mechanical engineering to learn about the most important scientific and technological developments and seek to benefit from them in the service of society.

3. Preparing the consulting cadres in the various mechanical engineering competence in order to strengthen the interaction between the university and society by providing all engineering consultancy in the field of specialization.

4. Holding seminars, workshops, and training courses in the Department of Mechanical Engineering for the employees of the state institutions and the various industrial sectors to acquaint them with the latest and most important scientific and technological developments, thus contributing to raising the efficiency and ability of the engineering cadres working outside the university.

5. Providing the latest laboratories and engineering workshops equipped with the latest versions of laboratory equipment to provide the opportunity for students to learn the principles and facts of engineering in the field of mechanical engineering and not only theoretical aspects.

6. Cooperation with industrial engineering sectors in solving the problems and obstacles facing them during work, which contributes to enhancing interaction and cooperation between the academic side and the practical side.

Department objectives:

· The department works to prepare engineers who have scientific and practical aspects at an excellent level.

· The department works to provide engineers with engineering information in accordance with scientific developments in the methodology and modern teaching methods.

· The department prepares engineers in mechanical engineering competence to meeting the needs of the society and the labor market.

· The department participates in the construction and reconstruction of the country through the qualified engineers resulting from its educational process outputs.