Department of materials engineering

Overview on "Department of Materials Engineering":

Due to the growth of undergraduate activities and the demand of engineering degrees in Iraq, University of Al-Qadisiyah established the fifth department "Department of Materials Engineering" in the College of Engineering in October 2015, according to the Ministerial Order No. (4633) in (08/09/2015) and the university No. (15159) at (10/21/2015), and the administrative No. (3468) in (26/10/2015).

Materials Engineering is concerned with the selection, processing, development and performance of materials.

Materials engineers apply their skills and knowledge to optimize the processing and to improve the properties of manufactured products.

Graduates of the Department of Materials Engineering depending on the curriculum through four years acquire the following skills:

1. Sufficient experience and knowledge in how to extract ferrous and nonferrous metals from their ores.

2. How to choose suitable engineering material for different industries.

3. Knowledge of the properties of engineering materials and how to conduct non-destructive tests.

4. Identifying the fabrication processes of various engineering materials.

5. Knowledge of most types of light and heavy metal alloys, materials used in the manufacture of aircraft, space and shipbuilding, as well as technology and properties of nanomaterials.

6. Knowing of the corrosion and oxidation of metallic materials and ways of protection.

7. Knowing of the properties of stainless steel materials and high-temperature resistant materials and carry them to the harsh working conditions of stress, shock, bending and so on.

In brief, in order to play an important and fundamental role in all practical engineering applications, graduates of the Materials Engineering Department will familiarize themselves with properties, processing, and performance of different engineering materials (metals and their alloys, ceramics, polymers, composites, semiconductors, nanomaterials, etc.).

Vision of Department of Materials Engineering:

Excellence in the preparation of qualified engineers in the field of engineering of metallurgy, mineral and non-metallic materials, composite materials, nanomaterials, and the achievement of scientific research and honest competition at the local and global levels.

Mission of Department of Materials Engineering:

- Providing internationally accredited academic programs to the students of the department and providing them with the knowledge that qualifies them to serve the community and the requirements of the labor market by providing the educational environment distinguished by the presence of qualified cadres of high degrees and intermediate cadres and technicians qualified in practice.

- Establishing scientific research bases and providing engineering consultancy in the field of materials manufacturing and applications, studying their properties, analyzing failures and quality control.

- Distinguished attention to the creation of modern scientific laboratories and classrooms equipped with advanced teaching methods.

- Coordination with the factories of the Ministry of Industry and Minerals and other government plants and the private sector specialized in the manufacture and application of various engineering materials in order to keep abreast of development and to keep students in touch with applications and development of engineering materials.

Objectives of Department of Materials Engineering:

- Adopting optimal teaching and learning methods and mechanisms to ensure the implementation of quality standards and achieving optimal university performance in order to raise the level of knowledge and understanding of graduates of the department.

- Continuing upgrading the scientific level of graduates of the department to meet the requirements of the renewable labor market and contribute to solving industrial problems related to the competences of materials engineering and active contribution to the service of society.

- Provide the engineering classes working in different sectors of the state with the elements of modern scientific development through the provision of continuing education courses on the applications of engineering materials and tests related to these materials.

- Supporting and encouraging the participatory and applied research and linking it to the country's development plans, thus contributing to the communication between the department and the industrial establishment.

- To develop scientific research units specialized in studying the properties of engineering materials adopted in the applications of renewable energy, alternative energy and nanomaterials.

- Seeking to develop postgraduate studies in the department to meet the current shortage of materials engineering teaching staff