Department of chemical engineering

§ Chemical engineering

Is the science that is concerned with studying how to convert a substance or substances from a specific chemical or physical state to another (transformation of raw material a useful one) economically, using the sciences of chemistry, physics, mathematics and biology together with the principles of economics. Chemical engineering is concerned with the study of engineering designs related to various chemical industries, where the chemical design represents a production and commercial target. It is the science of gathering information to reach the optimal design through the selection of the industrial process and its conditions along with the chemicals used in it and the necessary equipments to complete the industrial process.

Assistant Professor Dr. Hassan Isa Dawood

Head of the Chemical Engineering Department


§ Introduction profile of chemical engineering department

The Department of Chemical Engineering was established in the Faculty of Engineering – University of Al- Qadisiyah in the academic year 2008-2009. The study in the department is characterized by the theoretical and applied scientific nature in order to prepare qualified engineering staffs to keep up with the development process and build a robust base for industrial development. The duration of study in the department is four years after the preparatory school, scientific branch, after that the graduate is granted a bachelor's degree in chemical engineering.


The Department of Chemical Engineering endeavours to reach the best level in the conversion of all raw materials in Iraq, which God gave us to useful products by using of the best methods with lowest cost of service for a better life for the Iraqi citizen through the graduation of qualified engineers who are characterized by their technical skills.


The chemical engineering department works to provide the country in general as well as the provinces of middle Euphrates and the South in particular with distinct chemical engineers to design the chemical processes to convert the available raw materials into useful products for the Iraqi society through the management of resources including water ,energy and especially oil and controlling these chemical operations by methods and processes that guarantees the environment protection in a safe and intact manner , as well as seeking to the pursuit of quality in the field of chemical engineering sciences and strengthening the practical, application and training of students to serve the Iraqi chemical industries.


Graduating engineers with the ability to analyze and interpret data, design and conduct practical experiments in chemical engineering and applying knowledge to solve engineering problems relevant to chemical engineering in a comprehensive environmental and socio-economic, taking into account social, political, ethical, health, safety and sustainability issues within a framework of continuous education and applying scientific, mathematical and programming knowledge skills and outputting in the form of useful graduate projects that promotes with the reality and simulates the future and providing them with knowledge and awareness that will interpret the issues , contemporary changes and developing the ability to use modern techniques, skills and engineering methods in various chemical engineering applications such as energy, environment and others