College Council

College Council : It is the highest authority in the college and it determines its policy and takes appropriate decisions to implement it and authorizes the Dean to take his place in that. The Council consists of the Dean as Chairman and membership of the heads of the scientific departments, the administrative assistant, the scientific assistant and a teaching representative in addition to the Secretary of the Council.

College Board Members:

  • Assist. Prof. Dr. Alaa Liaq Hashem / Dean of the College / Chairman

  • Assistant Professor Dr. Jalal Taqi Shaker Al-Obaedi / Assistant Dean for Scientific Affairs / member

  • Assistant Professor Dr.Adnan Flayih Hassan Al-Sibahy / Secretary of the College Council / member

  • Dr. Munaf A. Al-Ramahee /Head of the Civil Engineering Department / member

  • Dr Nabeel Shallal Thamer Almuramady/Head of the Mechanical Engineering Department / member

  • Assistant Professor Dr. Hassan Isa Dawood/Head of the Chemical Engineering Department/ member

  • Assist. Prof. Dr. Basim H. Al-Humeidawi/Head of the Roads and Transport Engineering Department/ member

  • Assist. Prof. Dr.Heider Yasser Thamir/Head of the materials engineering Department/ member

  • Assistant lecturer Ali Jaafar /the administrative assistant/ member